DNS Configuration for WordPress

wordpress dns configuration

A WordPress project requires DNS configuration in order to run properly. The original DNS specifications were created by the IETF in 1983 and have been superseded by RFC 883 and RFC 1034. Several other RFCs followed that were updated later on. To learn more, read the following article: DNS Configuration for WordPress

DNS is a technical part of running a website, so it is important to learn a little bit about it. You will need to configure the DNS records for your domain to ensure that it works properly. There are several ways to configure DNS on your domain, including Google Workspace. Once you’ve made these changes, you’ll need to verify the DNS configuration with Google Search Console. There are a couple of other ways to verify your domain, too.

DNS settings for your website are different than those of your registrar. The settings include Name/Host, TTL, and Points to/Record. In registering with Hostinger, the Time to Live (TTL) value is 14400 seconds, which is about four hours. To change the TTL, check your DNS settings and choose a higher value. Otherwise, you can always set the DNS value back to the original value.

You can redirect your domains to another domain by creating an addon domain in your cPanel. If you want to use more than one domain, you can enable domain parking in your hosting provider’s control panel. This will allow you to manage more than one domain and manage them from a single control panel. A domain parking account is a perfect solution if you have multiple domains. You can easily manage all of them from the same place.