How Do I Enable WordPress Revision History?

If you’ve ever wondered whether a particular post or page has undergone a particular version of your WordPress theme or plugin, you may have noticed that the WordPress revision history is not always present. This is because the revision history is not visible for pages and posts that have not yet been published. Although this might not be a huge deal to a brand-new user, it may be helpful for an ongoing project. However, you may be wondering, “How do I enable WordPress revision history?”

WordPress’s revision history page makes this very easy. Using this feature, you can compare a post’s revision history and see what changes were made since the last time you saved it. This also allows you to restore the latest revision without deleting the previous one. While it doesn’t delete the previous version of the post, you can choose to restore an earlier version to avoid removing a previous version of your site. This feature is especially useful for those who make multiple changes to their website.

The WordPress revision history plugin lets you rollback your website to a previous version if a theme or plugin update changes it. This feature helps you restore the previous version of your site in case something goes wrong. WP rollback can also help you save an older version of a site if you need to. And, if you do decide to delete the revision history, you can easily restore it later. With WordPress revision history, you can always save any changes made to your site in the past.