How Much Is WordPress?

how much is wordpress

If you’re wondering how much WordPress costs, you’re not alone. A new WordPress website can cost between $1150 and $2300, which includes hosting, domain name, and basic themes and plugins. You’ll also have to pay for security checks and SEO tools. These costs assume that you’re going to use free extensions and hire a freelance developer. And those fees do not include the cost of professional web design or SEO services.

There are a variety of WordPress hosting options available, and the prices can vary widely. Some of the most affordable plans range from free to $15 per month, while others require a one-time payment of $200. While hosting costs can be quite high, they are well worth it if you’re going to use the software for a long time. If you’re using a free version of WordPress, you can get your domain name for free if you choose the right provider.

A developer can earn from $60K to $140,000 a year. WordPress developers have access to a number of benefits. The company has an open-source community and has over 350 employees. If you’re a developer who’s interested in learning WordPress development, you’ll be able to join a community with more than 50k contributors. They’ll be able to share their knowledge with you and make the software better for your business.