How to Add a Featured Post List to Your WordPress Sidebar

featured post

Featured posts are a great way to draw more traffic to your blog. They appear on your site before other posts in your category. In order to be featured, your post must be related to that category and added to the Feature Post In Categories section. The featured post can also be associated with more than one category. In this article, I’ll explain how to do this. You can learn more about how to make a featured post by reading the following steps.

To add a featured post list, go to the sidebar of your blog. You’ll want to make a new block to place in this area of the page. Click on “Add New Block” and enter the block’s name. The featured post list is now ready to go. Then, save it as a block to use again. The featured post list is a great way to draw new traffic to your website! But how do you choose which posts to feature?

A featured post list is a widget that you can add to your sidebar. You can name and link post titles to it. There are many ways to customize the featured post widget on your blog. Use a WordPress plugin to add a featured post menu to your sidebar. Just make sure you save your changes after editing them. Once you’ve finished your featured post menu, you can add other widgets to make it more appealing to your users.