How to Add a WordPress Contact Phone Number to Your Website

wordpress contact phone number

A WordPress contact phone number is a great way to make sure your visitors can reach you easily. This useful feature is available in every WordPress site. You can create a button or a link that opens the phone app on a mobile device or opens Skype on a desktop computer. You can also add an image to a click-to-call text link. To add an image, you must first upload it to the Media > Add New page and then edit it using the ‘Edit’ link.

If you have a WordPress website, adding a call link is extremely easy. Just navigate to Appearance > Menus and then click on Custom Links. Type the label you want to display on the call link and click save. You can then add a contact phone link to any page. You can also add it to your WordPress navigation menu. Here are a few tips to get started:

To enable a call button on a WordPress website, you must first install a plugin called WP Call Button. Once installed, you should go to the Settings > Call Buttons. There, you should find the option to insert a static phone number. Clicking this option will also make the call button appear on all pages of your website. When your website is ready, you can activate the call button and check how it works.