How to Buy a WordPress Domain and Set Up a Website

If you want to make the most of WordPress, it is important to have the right hosting for your site. This will include security, speed, and a domain name that is relevant to your business. Buying a domain through a hosting provider means it is already pointed to the hosting provider’s servers and will direct users to the site. This process is commonly done using nameservers, also known as account DNS. After purchasing a domain, you can then set up your website on that server.

Next, you should enter your desired domain name. You can also enter a free domain name by typing it in the “New Domain” box. You will be asked to enter your payment information and account information. After filling out the information, you can choose whether or not you would like to add extras. If you do not want to purchase extras at the time, you can always opt for auto-renewal. However, it may be a hassle to cancel an expired domain because you do not want to risk losing it.

If you’re changing the name of your WordPress site, you should first add the new domain address to your account. If you’re using Hostinger, you can access the hPanel dashboard to add the new domain address. Once you have done that, you can upload your site backup using a FTP client. Make sure that you configure your FileZilla client before you upload the backup. This way, you can manage larger files remotely.