How to Change the Home Page of WordPress

wordpress set home page

If you’re using WordPress, you’ve probably wondered how to change the default home page of your website. While WordPress displays the latest blog posts as the default home page, you can change the page on which your posts appear by choosing a different static page. You can choose a page from your posts or choose a static page from the left-hand menu. Then, select the page you want to display in your homepage settings and click the ‘Apply Changes’ button to save your changes.

The homepage is the first place visitors will see your website, so it’s critical that it matches the overall style of your brand. In addition to catering to your audience’s preferences, the homepage should display the right content and deliver the intended message. If this isn’t possible, you can adjust your homepage to change the look and feel of the site and avoid a broken homepage. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

To change the homepage, go to the settings of WordPress and select the “Posts” page. This page will only show posts if it has a title. The rest of the content will be displayed on the posts page. Once you have changed the homepage, you can then go to the Settings page and change the default Reading page. This will replace the default Your latest posts page with a static page. You can change the default Home page at any time by following these steps.