How to Change Username in WordPress

wordpress change username

A user can change their username in WordPress using the free Username Changer plugin. However, if you want to change the username of other users, you will need to create a new user. Be sure that the new user does not have the same email address as the one you are using now. Once you have changed the username of the user, you will need to log out of your WordPress dashboard and log in using the new username. This will change your username on WordPress, so make sure to save the changes before you do anything else.

Next, open the wp-admin menu and choose ‘User’. You will see a series of columns, including the wp-users table. Select the username you want to change and click Edit. The red field will signal the database that the username has been changed. Click Go to save your changes. The new username should appear in the user’s login page. If you don’t see the username you want, contact your website developer and ask for permission.

In WordPress, you can edit your user name within the same tab. Just make sure that the username you are using is not the same as the one you’re currently using. Once you have done that, you can now log in with your new user name. Don’t forget to use the old password, too. This way, everyone can log in without having to worry about losing their data. It is important to remember that changing your user name is not recommended unless you have the consent of your website owner or a third party.