How to Choose a Free Blog Service

One of the advantages of using a free blog service is that you can customize the design, as well as the content, of your site. Besides, you can post as many articles as you like and can create a profile on Medium. The downside is that it is limited in features and can restrict a blogger’s flexibility. In most cases, a free blog can be set up in less than ten minutes. The platform you choose to create your free blog is just as important as the content you post.

Themes are another key factor to consider when choosing a free blog service. While many of the free blog services offer templates and other design features, you may have to pay a fee to get full customization options. If you want to have an attractive, high-quality blog, you should upgrade to a paid plan. In addition to removing ads and increasing storage to 6GB, you can also take advantage of additional features like email support, live chat support, and a domain for a year.

The most notable difference between a free blog service and a paid one is the cost. Yola offers a free blog with very limited features but a free plan has a low learning curve. You can start using it without paying, but once you want to remove the Yola branding or add multiple pages or sell products online, you need to upgrade. Other advantages of a free blogging service are its flexibility and customization options. Yola also allows you to add coding for extra features. Be aware, though, that the free version of the site will display a prominent Yola ad in the footer, which can be a deal breaker.