How to Create a Duplicate Page in WordPress

A duplicate page in WordPress can be used for editing or deleting a work in progress. WordPress provides its own native functionality for duplicate pages. To make this task a little easier, we will go over some ways to duplicate a page in WordPress. First, you can use the Clone feature to duplicate a post or page in WordPress. Once you’ve done this, simply open the duplicated page in the editor to make changes. The content will be copied to the new page, including any layouts or images. Also, a suffix will be added to the text.

Secondly, you can use a plugin to duplicate your pages in WordPress. The plugin can duplicate content on posts, pages, and drafts. It also adds a Duplicate This button to the editor. This plugin can help you speed up your development process. Once installed, you can edit the duplicated content as a new draft. You can also choose to edit a duplicated page in WordPress as a new draft.

Another way to duplicate a page in WordPress is to use the Duplicate Post plugin. This plugin is free and will let you clone any post or page in WordPress. When you clone a post, you can choose between a New Draft and a Clone option. After you’ve chosen the option you want, you can either publish or edit the new post or page. You can then edit the duplicate page in WordPress and see how it looks.