How to Duplicate a WordPress Page Or Post

You can duplicate a WordPress page or post using the Clone feature. While this does not open the post for editing, you can go to the newly duplicated page and edit it. All the content, including images and layouts, is copied to the new page. It will also have suffixes for the text, so it looks exactly like the original page. Here are some steps on how to duplicate a page on WordPress. After duplicating a page, you can edit it as you wish.

First, you must select the page that you wish to duplicate. For this, you must hover the cursor over the page. After you select this option, the page will be duplicated with all its settings and will be added to the list. It will be easy to identify the duplicated page as the new one will have a suffix appended to the title. You may also add a description for the new page, as this will help people identify the duplicated page.

Alternatively, you can duplicate a post to see if it works. This is useful if you’re testing how your site looks and functions. If you don’t need to duplicate the entire page, you can copy only the code or post settings. This way, you won’t duplicate all the content, which will save you time and effort. If you want to duplicate the entire page, you can use plugins that duplicate the metadata and post settings as well as image data.