How to Embed Google Maps on WordPress

embed google map wordpress

If you want to embed Google maps on your WordPress website, you should first understand how this process works. In the first place, you must go to Google Maps and click on the “Embed map” tab. After clicking on the tab, copy and paste the embed code into the block editor. Next, you must provide an API key. Once you’ve entered the API key, you can click on the Preview button to preview the map on your site. Once your embed code is ready, visit the “Visual” tab of your WP site and click “Embed” to add the map to your site.

The next step is to insert the map code into your WordPress website. There are several ways to add the map on your site. You can choose to add a map to your existing pages, or you can create new pages. Creating new pages is preferable, as it allows you to optimize the map usage on your website. After you have copied the embed code, go to your WordPress dashboard and select the “Text” option. Paste the code into the field and save the page. Your website should now feature a Google Map.

Next, you can add a Google Map to your WordPress site. There are several WordPress plugins available for embedding Google maps. The most popular one is the WP Google Maps plugin. This plugin includes five tabs that let you customize your map and add markers. After saving the map, you can continue to add markers. You can also change the style of the map. You can also choose to include or exclude it from the map.