How to Link Categories to Pages in WordPress

how to link categories to pages in wordpress

When you’re ready to link your categories to your posts, the first step is to create a category. You can find this in the admin panel by clicking on Pages. Then, click on the name of the category in the title field and select Quick Edit or Pop Out Editor. You’ll see the Category link listed beneath the Page title. Click on it and follow the steps outlined in the video to link the categories to your posts.

When you create a new page, you can choose to add one or more tags to it. This way, your visitors can see all the relevant content that relates to a certain topic or category. It is also possible to manually add a category to a post. Once you’ve done this, click Save Changes to apply the change. Your posts will now be listed in the appropriate category. If you want to use categories on your site, make sure that you’ve chosen the right ones.

Next, you can add a widget to your navigation menu. Once you’ve added the widget, you can link to a category in your navigation menu. For details on adding category links to your navigation menu, see Add & Manage Menus in WordPress. You can also link categories to pages through a widget. If you’re not sure how to do that, contact the author of your theme. The link will be listed in the related post box.