How to Make Your WordPress Website HTTPS

wordpress https

When you first start setting up your WordPress website, you might be wondering how to make it HTTPS. While the process is largely the same, you’ll need to make a few changes. For new websites, this is easy; for existing ones, it can be a bit more involved. First, go to the Settings menu in your WordPress dashboard, and click on the General tab. Look for the Site Address and WordPress Address fields and verify that they match.

Using HTTPS protects your website from being hacked. If your website is not protected by an HTTPS certificate, hackers can easily steal your WordPress credentials using the tools freely available on the Internet. HTTPS also helps your SEO rankings. Google has already made HTTPS a part of their algorithm for search rankings. In fact, it has a high page rank. That means your site is more visible to Google and other search engines. You should consider switching to HTTPS as soon as possible to ensure that your visitors feel safe browsing your website.

When you switch to HTTPS, your WordPress site will automatically load in HTTPS mode and all URLs will have an https:// prefix. This will benefit both your visitors and your customers. If you don’t want your visitors to be redirected to your website, you can force HTTPS. After doing so, you’ll notice a difference in the loading speed. If you aren’t seeing a significant difference in the loading speed of your site, you can also switch from HTTPS to HTTP.