How to Promote Your WordPress Poem

A WordPress poem theme is an excellent way to showcase your poetry and share it with the world. Poet is a modern, responsive WordPress theme that is easy to customize and has passed manual code reviews. Its clean, minimal design and easy-to-read typography make it a great choice for poets and writers. It also plays nicely with page builders, has same-day developer support, and offers tons of tutorials to get you started.

Unlike many blog platforms, WordPress does not treat all posts equally. While a great WordPress poem can get a couple of “likes” and a few clicks, it may go completely unnoticed and be forgotten in cyberspace. Other poets may wait months, even years, before seeing any activity on their poetry. Here are some tips to help you promote your WordPress poem. To start, read the following tips:

The most important tip when posting a poem in WordPress is to format it correctly. The Verse Block can include space on all sides, or on specific sides. It can also have an HTML anchor or a field for adding CSS classes. The HTML anchor is the special web address for your Verse Block and you can use it to link to it from anywhere on the site. The CSS classes field allows you to use custom CSS to style the block so that it appears a particular way. Then, you can also add a title to the poem.

Another option is to add your work as a picture. If you want to add your poem as a picture, you can upload it as a picture on WordPress. The downside of this method is that it lacks the features that allow you to add tags and embed an image on your website. Nevertheless, it is an effective option if you have a good camera. It is also an easy way to share quotes. The main challenge to setting up a poetry website is choosing a suitable design and layout.