How to Transfer a WordPress Domain

If you want to transfer your WordPress domain to another hosting provider, you have many options. You can either register a private domain or make it public. If you choose the latter, you’ll need to use a domain mapping service, which will link your existing domain to your new one. If you don’t want to pay a transfer fee, you can contact WordPress’ Customer Support team. There’s a small processing fee to cover the costs of domain transfers, but the benefits far outweigh the downside.

Ensure that you’ve checked the registration information for the domain. There may be an issue if the lock status hasn’t been updated. You must enter the authorization code received from your current provider and then click Continue. If you’ve entered the correct information, the domain transfer is approved. Otherwise, you’ll receive an email from WordPress rejecting the transfer. If you’re unsure if your domain is locked, you’ll want to contact the domain provider to confirm that you can transfer it.

Then, update the WordPress database and hosting provider to reflect the new domain name. Make sure that your new domain is linked to the WordPress folder on your new server, and setup 301 redirects so that visitors will be automatically directed to the new web address. After you’ve completed the process, you can access your WordPress admin area on the new domain name. Make sure you point your old domain to your new one with the help of 301 redirects.