How to Undo Changes in WordPress

undo changes in wordpress

In WordPress, you have the option to undo any changes you’ve made to your theme. Once you’ve made a change, you can simply undo it by going back to the original theme file. Make sure to make a backup of your database before undoing changes. This way, you can undo the changes you’ve made without losing any of the original content. However, you should ensure that all of your plugins are active.

If you’ve accidentally made a change to your content, you can go back to an earlier revision and compare the two. You may even choose to save the restored revision as a draft. Unlike saving the latest version, restoring an earlier revision does not remove the new content. The latest version of the post is still on the server. Then, you can go back and edit it in the same way. In either case, the original content will be saved in the revisions section.

If you’ve accidentally deleted content on your WordPress site, you can easily undo the changes made by restoring the previous revision. This option is also useful when you’ve made mistakes or need to compare the old content to the new. In addition, you can also use it to add back deleted text or compare the old and new content. And don’t forget to save a backup copy of the post as well. And when you’re finished with the editing, you can undo the changes made to your site.