How to Use the Verb Wake

How do you use the verb wake? There are three forms: the infinitive, past simple, and past participle. The verb wake can also be used in the future, present, and perfect tense. In the past, wake is usually written as woke or woken. A similar word can be used in the present tense, which is woke. Using the past participle form is the same as using the past tense, but you need to remember that the verb wake is a simple present and future action.

The word wake is derived from an Old English base verb waknen, which was pronounced wun. In Old English, wakn was an inchoative form that merged with the base verb. In Middle English, wakien was irregular, and wake is a dialectical form of the verb wun. In some dialects, wun are both used interchangeably.

The tense of wake is similar to that of watch, but the two are slightly different. Wake is a form of the present indicative, which means “to wake up.”