How to Use the WordPress Plugin Wp_List_Categories


How to Use the WordPress Plugin Wp_List_Categories

This WordPress plugin allows you to display categories in pages and posts. It works like any shortcode, with a few parameters that you can customize to fit your needs. If you want to display the categories by number of posts, you can use the orderby parameter. You can also reverse the order, which makes it easier to see the most recent posts. The code for this plugin is included in the Codex. You can find the full list of parameters in the Codex.

The wp_list_categories() function generates unordered, nested lists. In other words, it creates a single list item. The includes option accepts a list of category IDs. Specify the IDs one by one, and the wp_list_categories function will return all of them. The exclude option is empty. The include option is not necessary for this function.

You can include or exclude categories from the list. The include parameter accepts a list of category IDs. If you pass multiple category IDs, the results will include those categories, and will not display any others. The exclude option requires the comma separator, and it’s used to disable the titles. The wp_list_categories() function will also display only the categories that are passed in.

You can change the titles for each category by using the title_li parameter. You can use an empty string if you don’t want your categories to be shown. Alternatively, you can add a category ID to wp_list_categories. If you want to exclude categories, you must set the exclude parameter to false. If you want to show the category titles on your page, you can remove it by modifying the styles of the post.

Unlike the previous methods, Wp_list_categories offers more customization options. Instead of showing the categories in a menu, it displays the list items in an unordered list. It adds a title to the menu and sets the title attribute to “post-categories”. If you want to show only the category titles, you can use the wp_list_categories() method.

Wp_list_categories is the most popular category plugin for WordPress. It displays categories as links. When a visitor clicks on a category, it displays the posts in the Category. If the user wants to see a list of categories, Wp_list_categories uses the name of the category as the title. It also uses the title of the post. If the author chooses to include a title, it is displayed beneath the list.

WP_list_categories() is a WordPress function that allows you to show the categories in a list. It is a fallback, but it can be done. The wp_list_categories() function returns a list of categories in a single line. It is the default category menu for WordPress. In the case of a category-less menu, the title will be displayed.