How to Use WordPress Support Email

If you’re having trouble with a particular part of your WordPress website, you should try using WordPress support email instead. It has a lot of advantages. In addition to being free, you’ll never have to worry about spoof emails again. You can use your own email address or a different one. Here are the steps to use it:

Ensure your SMTP is configured for your domain name. If you don’t, the email may end up in the spam folder. The most basic step to take to ensure that your WordPress emails don’t get sent to your spam folder is to ensure that your email server authenticates your domain name. Then, follow the troubleshooting guide to see if you have any other problems with your email. You may also want to configure your form settings.

SMTP is an important part of running a WordPress website. SMTP gateways help you send emails from WordPress. The plugin comes with a host of tools, including SMTP integration, external SMTP mailer integration, and multiple profiles for sending emails. The plugin even allows you to set multiple SMTP gateways, which can greatly enhance security. This plugin is an excellent choice for preventing spammers from blocking your WordPress emails.