Third Time Lucky – How I Conquered WordPress

third time lucky how i conquered wordpress

The phrase ‘third time lucky’ has a deep meaning for English law. The term refers to a famous case of a West Country sailor who was sentenced to die after being convicted of murdering Emma Keyse. In 1885, he was sent to Exeter prison to be hanged, but the Home Secretary at the time, Sir William Harcourt, commuted his sentence to life imprisonment. Lee was freed after a year in prison.

December Doyle, the protagonist of Third Time Lucky, returns home after ten years away. She has lost her husband in a car accident, discovered that he had been cheating on her, and lost her beloved cafe business. She has no choice but to start over in a town that is struggling economically. Thankfully, her new life is filled with hope and optimism, despite her past. She learns that she is not alone in her struggles, and with the help of her new friend, her life will change forever.