Ways to Monetize WordPress

There are numerous ways to monetize WordPress. These methods include SEO and maintaining a loyal audience. A classic way to monetize an audience is to place ads on your website. Ads have been around since the beginning of the Internet and allow brands to leverage the power of a captive audience. Most ads are paid based on pageviews or impressions. You can also set up multiple pricing plans so that you can charge different prices for different types of content.

A second way to monetize WordPress is through consulting. This option allows you to provide advice and training to less experienced professionals. Plugins like WPForms can make it easy for your clients to create forms. Consulting can also take the form of coaching or mentoring. Often this option is best left to more experienced professionals, but this method can also work for newbies. You can even integrate a scheduling plugin, such as Calendly, to keep track of your sessions.

One specific way to monetize WordPress is by selling eBooks. eBooks are a derivative of premium content, and can be sold to generate revenue or give away as leads for your main service offering. eBooks are an easy way to monetize WordPress, and they don’t require thousands of monthly visitors. They can be easily created, but it is important to be sure your content is valuable and that people are willing to spend money on your content.