What’s the Difference Between Kinsta and Raidboxes?

You might be wondering what the main difference is between Raidboxes and Kinsta. The main difference lies in the way each of these devices manages their servers. Raidboxes use vServers to partition the server into multiple parts. This feature helps avoid server overload and helps all users share the server fairly. Both Kinsta and Raidboxes have their own backends. Let’s look at the main differences between them and see which one suits your needs.

First of all, Kinsta’s interface is more customized. Compared to Raidboxes, Kinsta’s is sleeker and chic. It is also not cluttered with extra features. Users will find it easy to access all the content they want to share. Moreover, the two providers also offer a free trial period. If you don’t like either, you can try both services out for a month before you buy them.

Secondly, Raidboxes offers multiple customers and single installation packages. But you can also get domains from other providers for less. If you need a domain, Raidboxes’ Mail Starter Tarife costs 3,57 EUR/month. Raidboxes also offers domain names and mailkonto. But there are better options out there. If you’re looking for a professional web hosting solution, Raidboxes is a great option.

Moreover, Raidboxes has a blog where you can find helpful information about WordPress. In the FAQ section, you can find information about security, privacy, booking, and other aspects of WordPress. Raidboxes’ live chat and phone support is available from 8 am to 22 pm CET. In addition to that, they also offer downloadable system status and website errors. This makes it easy to use Raidboxes for a WordPress installation.