Which WordPress Tutorial Video Should You Watch?

wordpress tutorial video

If you’re new to WordPress, you might want to check out some WordPress tutorial videos before you dive in headfirst. The WP101 team has over seventy-three thousand subscribers and sixty-nine hundred thousand views. They’ve created video lessons to walk beginners through the basics of the software, and their style is unique. Here are the top three. If you’re unsure which WordPress tutorial video to watch, you can watch some of them for free and learn a lot about WordPress and its features.

The first option is a YouTube channel. These channels focus on WordPress and how to use it to create a website. They’re organized into sections that cover topics ranging from a beginner’s perspective to advanced features. Some tutorials include screenshots of the WordPress admin screens. A YouTube channel that focuses on WordPress will have a playlist of more than a hundred videos and will be easy to follow. There’s something for everyone.

Once you’ve installed WordPress, you’ll need to log in. The WordPress Dashboard is the “Command Center” of WordPress and will let you customize the look of your website. Click on the “Updates” icon to see how many updates you have to install. You’ll also need to set a password, which is unique for your website. The more unique your password, the more secure your site will be. There’s also an option to add a picture to your Gravatar.