WordPress Customizer – The Basics

The WordPress customizer provides the option to make changes to your website while viewing it on multiple devices. This way, you can see what changes have been made before they are published. Additionally, the customizer allows you to hide or show certain parts of the customizer. This is especially useful if you want to preview a particular page before publishing it. There are a number of useful tools in the customizer that will help you make the most of it.

For one, the customizer is a great tool for customizing WordPress themes. The WYSIWYG interface can often result in an ugly website. Using the customizer makes it easier for website owners and developers to change the appearance of themes. Customizer has several advanced features that can make it more appealing to website owners and developers. This article will look at some of the basic features of the customizer. Let’s dive into the various types of controls that you can use.

The Save Draft button is an important option in the customizer. This will save your changes before you publish them. If you save them before you publish them, you can also choose to push them live at a later date. Another useful feature is the Share Preview Link, which lets you share a Customizer preview with others. In addition, you can also select the Save Draft button from the main menu. This will save your changes for later revisions.