WordPress Support For Internet Explorer 11 is Coming to an End

WordPress support for Internet Explorer 11 is coming to an end. As of July 2018, Microsoft will no longer support IE11. As a result, you should consider using a modern web browser. You’ll see that the WordPress dashboard has started warning you about the problem. Read on to learn how to update your browser. We’ve also included links to download modern web browsers. But what if you’re still using IE11?

As of WordPress 5.8, the IE11 browser will be phased out. The decision to remove support for IE11 comes with big performance costs. Supporting IE11 typically requires older versions of ES5 JavaScript to be compiled. This can increase the size of the page by more than 30% and doesn’t take advantage of the latest technologies. In addition, businesses may need to pay extra for development. In addition to the cost of maintaining IE11, WordPress 5.8 will eventually stop supporting Internet Explorer.

WordPress is considering dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 in an effort to improve user experience, improve overall performance, and ease the load on developers. Maintaining IE11 requires a lot of work, and it is costly to maintain. Dropping support for IE11 will help free up developer time for writing code for modern browsers. Ultimately, this would lead to smaller scripts and faster build times. So, it makes sense for WordPress to drop support for IE11 if its users will benefit.